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Dried Uluva fish

400.00 279.00

Fresh catch Kadal Varaal (Uluva) fishes are dried in In-house dryers. We add a very little salt in order to maintain the shelflife of the dry fishes. The product is 100% Natural and free from Ammonia or other preservatives. Dried Kadal Varal (Uluva fish) is a very nutritious fish rich in Omega fatty acids.

Dried Thada Fish ( Raconda)

300.00 199.00

Raconda or Thada fishes are mainly Processed for dry-fish markets, not liked locally for its spiny body. These fishes are very tasty, healthy, and crunchy with deep oil fry. Fresh catch fishes are cleaned and dried from UV protected modern solar dryers.

Dry Prawns – 300g

700.00 499.00

Dried freshwater (Ashtamudi Lake, Kerala) shellfishes from My Village are very tasty and nutritious ones. We dried the shrimps in solar dryers without salt in minimum moisture content for better shelf life. Medium-large sized Shrimps are dried with shell hygienically and packed well for your doorstep delivery. These prawns are one of the best quality freshwater prawns in the world market. Most of the prawns are exported to European countries.

Dry Anchovy Fish (Cleaned)


We sourced fresh Anchovies from Kollam (Kerala) fishing harbors. At Cubic Spaces we are committed to high standards of quality, hygiene, and cleanliness. The fish is dried in our in-house dryer to remove all the water content.

Dried Barracuda Fish

400.00 326.00

Barracuda / Cheelavu or Thinda a marine fish having high protein content in the meat and very tasty. This one is a ferocious and hard to catch fish. We source fresh Barracuda fishes from Kerala fish harbors. My Village dried barracuda fishes are 100% Natural and free from preservatives and additives. We dry the fishes in a very hygienic and healthy way.

Dried Mackerel Fish

300.00 250.00

Mackerel (Bangda / Ayala) is an important food fish that is consumed worldwide. As an oily fish, it is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Dried Sole Fish

Forest honey
White creamy honey
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