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My Village Dried Ginger Powder
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Dried Ginger Powder, 100g

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All Natural dry ginger powder (100 gm) from my village food products. Organically grown ginger from Kerala is dried and ground to a fine powder. My Village dried ginger powder is 100% Natural and free from preservatives or additives. The ginger we dried is full of natural essence and never use essence extracted gingers. My Village Ginger Powder has a long shelf life of about one year. Dry Ginger powder is also known as Sonth in Hindi, Sonti in Telugu, Soonth in Gujarati, Suntha in Marathi, Chukku (Sukku) podi in Kerala, and Shunti in Kannada. My Village Sunth powder is a fine off-white or slightly brownish powder that has a strong aroma and a pungent flavor.

    • Premium Quality Ginger powder from western ghats of Kerala (Idukki).
    • Organic Product. No Added chemical additives or preservatives. Free from pesticides and not genetically engineered.
    • The powder is extracted from the ginger root which is dried. Dried and Processed Traditionally in Hygienically. With the proper drying process, we can maintain the minimum moisture content with good shelf life.
    • We never do the bulk stock for the product, prepared upon customer demand only.
    • Strong aroma Ginger. Freshly processed and packed.
    • Dry ginger powder is widely used in the kitchen to add flavor and aroma. Better to add with tea (for weight loss), suitable with curry masalas.
    • Most herbal medicines that you'll find in the market will have a hint of ginger powder in it. For centuries, Ayurveda has used ginger root for everything- form treating digestive issues to headaches. A pinch of ginger powder (Sunth) in a cup of tea Relieves Upset Stomach, Improves Metabolism, Cure for Motion Sickness or Morning Sickness and also a perfect aid for common cold.
    • Instructions: Best before 6 Months from the Date of Manufacture. Keep it in an airtight container. Store in clean hygienic space having room temperature.
    • Ingredients: 100gm of Natural dry ginger powder 

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