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Dried Anchovy Fish (Nethali)


My village Dried Anchovy fishes are the premium quality product from coastal regions of Kerala. We dry the fresh fishes in a very hygienic method. Our product is clean and free from chemical preservatives and additives. We source fresh fishes direct from small boats.

Dry Ribbon Fish (Belt fish)


We dry freshly catch ribbon fishes from small boats. Dried hygienically in the traditional way. It contains salt at less amount. Dry belt fish is fully cleaned and no need of washing. Head and organs are removed and the product is zero wastage. Product is odourless and neatly packed. We never use any kind of preservatives or chemical additives. 100% Natural Product from My Village.

Dry sole fish


Sole fishes are very high in protein, low in mercury, and provides several important vitamins and minerals. We dried freshly catch sole fishes direct from small boats.