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Squid Pickle

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My Village Squid pickle is purely homemade and free from chemical preservatives and additives for taste, color, and flavor. All ingredients including oils are natural and genuine. Squid we used is fresh catch from coastal regions of Kerala. Our squid pickle contains more than 60% squid meat with the spicy tasty thick masala. Pickle is normal salty and less oil. My Village food products are tasty and healthy. This squid pickle is a must try product.



  • It contains more than 60% quality fresh catch squid meat from coastal regions of Kerala.
  • Purely Homemade pickle. No added Chemical preservatives and additives for taste, color, and flavor.
  • Normal salty. Less oil and thick gravy. It contains natural and genuine ingredients including oils.
  • Squid meat without head fried in pepper mix and dip in our secret ginger-garlic recipe. Very tasty and healthy pickle from My Village.
  • Good with rice, bread, chapati, roti, ghee rice, poori, etc. A very special pickle for seafood lovers.


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