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Anchovy fish pickle

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My Village Anchovy fish pickle is purely homemade product contains 60 – 70% boneless fried anchovy meat. We source quality fishes from coastal regions of Kerala. Prepared traditionally with our secret recipe. Contains less oil and vinegar. Fish pickle is free from preservatives and other chemical additives for colour and taste.

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Anchovy fishes are small, common forage fishes of the family Engraulidae. We use fresh marine water anchovies from coastal regions of Kerala / India. Our anchovy fish pickle contains natural organic ingredients. Spices are sourced from western ghats of Kerala. We use 100% natural sunflower and gingelly oil for preparation. Never use any kind of cheap ingredients to lower the price. We stand with quality and taste.

Once opened the lid, better complete within 2 weeks or refrigerate for long shelf life. Always use a dry spoon. Unopened products having a shelf life of 3 months. We never stock pickles. Prepare weekly upon demand.


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